Monday, February 5, 2007

A Blood Simple plan

I don't mind going into a movie with no clue as to what it's about. Sometimes it's better that way. Sure, everyone's got their favorite actors and actresses, favorite types of movies, favorite directors, and so on. But everyone's got their least favorites, too. So if you tell me Adam Sandler's in a new movie that comes out in March called "Reign Over Me", I say I plan on taking a nap that day. If you tell me Don Cheadle's in a new movie that comes out in March called "Reign Over Me", I say, "What day does it come out?"

Since they co-star in the same movie, maybe it is better off if I know nothing about it before hand. Kinda like this one, "Blood Simple". The only thing I knew about this movie is that it's a Coen Brothers film. And since I had just enjoyed another the Coen Brothers' "The Hudsucker Proxy", I figured I just might enjoy "Blood Simple" even though I had no idea what is about.

It's worked out for me before. When Reese Witherspoon made herself a star in "Legally Blonde" a few years ago, I had no intentions of seeing it. A chick flick? Reese Witherspoon? Gimme a break! That's all I knew about it. When I finally saw it, I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. I was practically ashamed for liking it. And I still won't watch "Legally Blonde 2", just because.

So why not take on "Blood Simple"? I knew just as much about it as I had known about "Legally Blonde", and the things I knew about it I actually liked. So I'd probably like it!

And I did. It makes me want to watch other Coen Brothers movies I haven't seen, of which there are plenty. They always get great actors, even if the great actors aren't actors you've heard of. They sure fit the flicks, though. This one starred Dan Hedaya, who I knew from playing Carla Tortelli's husband on "Cheers"; M. Emmet Walsh, who I knew from name recognition and voice; Frances McDormand, who I knew from her award-winning performance in the Coen Brothers' "Fargo"; and John Getz, who I knew from nothing.

If this blog were a sitcom, this episode's moral of the story would be don't judge a book by a cover. Or a movie by its actors. Well, unless Adam Sandler's in it; then judge it by the co-stars. Or if the Coen Brothers are directing it. Then it needs no other judging. OK, but besides all that, don't judge a book by its cover or a movie by its actors.

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